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[3] An optimized land use plan should be implemented giving balanced attention to mangrove protection, shrimp ponds, infrastructure, agriculture development, coastal fisheries, and biodiversity conservation. All rights reserved. The ‘Marvellous Mangroves’ (MM) training is an in-depth, hands-on, science-based conservation education program, which is taught not only to primary and secondary schoolchildren, but also to teachers themselves. Scientists observed that community managed mangroves have remarkable recovery potential[1] and local people are effective stewards for management of these resources. In return they will get daily wages and development of local community infrastructure. Institutional arrangements are shown to be effective for mangrove restoration and management with high economic returns.[11]. Mangrove forests are a link between land and sea, and we can’t do without this essential ecosystem. Jubi/Tempo/Engel Wally. We are hopeful that the program implementation can begin in 2020,” said Wahyu Budiarto, Sr. Vice President Corporate Affairs. Align with Chevron’s value, “protecting people and the environment”, PT CPI is committed in supporting MERA program. Due to past failures of national and state government in the effective management of mangrove ecosystem, the importance of local communities in preserving this ecosystem is being realized lately. Ironically, Indonesia has the fastest mangrove ecosystem destruction rate in the world. © 2001 – 2020 Chevron Corporation. Therefore, mangrove conservation in China plays an important role in biodiversity conservation of the world's mangrove forests. For example, offering better education as a way to help decrease poverty by allowing people in the community to get better jobs. Mangrove ecosystem is considered as the most important ecosystem in the offshore area. [3], The mangroves have been illegally cleared in the Iscuande River delta which is home to Afro-Colombian communities. The project raises money by selling carbon credits to people and organizations eager to reduce their carbon footprint, through the Scottish charity ACES. In 2012 a conservation agreement was signed between Conservation International and Afro-Colombian communities to maintain 12,000 hectares of mangroves. With the ingenuity and commitment of highly skilled and dedicated employees, and through these subsidiaries, Chevron leads as one of Indonesia's largest producers of crude oil. “We are proud to participate in the MERA program, partnering with YKAN and other major corporations, to support the Government of Indonesia’s program in environment protection and biodiversity conservation, in particular mangrove ecosystem conservation. It can be defined as community driven management and rehabilitation of mangrove forests involving resource users in the management process directly. Some bene˜ciaries of our project. During MERA Media EXPOSÈ, an event held on May 23 in Jakarta, YKAN introduced its partners. Community Based Mangrove Management (CBMM) is a sustainable approach for conserving the rapidly disappearing mangrove forests. Jeewanthi Mallawarachchi ... Lanka Mangrove Conservation program to improve her business. [4] The indigenous knowledge of local communities has been recognized by government and other funding agencies three decades ago, bringing about a shift in conservation and management approaches of mangroves. Madagascar’s coastal communities stand to lose the most from the loss of mangrove habitats and, as the primary users of mangroves, are best placed to lead conservation initiatives. Mangroves. And it is everyone’s responsibility to join the force, including local and national government, state-owned corporations, private sector companies, and non-government organizations. [10], The study in Volta estuary of Ghana indicates the primary motivation for participants in conservation and management of mangroves are livelihood and economic benefits. The master plan is a key element in supporting the establishment of mangrove forest as an ecosystem. Environmental science and conservation news. [8], CBMM initiatives date back to the 1990s in India. Under this program logging permits are provided by CFMGs with a control in logging activity (Chotthong and Aksornkoae, 2006). In 2012 a conservation agreement was signed between Conservation International and Afro-Colombian communities to maintain 12,000 hectares of mangroves. The essential steps for mangrove regeneration are - identification of degraded mangrove site, selection of appropriate rehabilitation sites, timely plantation of seedlings, regular monitoring of outcomes and conservation of mangrove stands. Mangrove reforestation in Banacon is a community-initiated effort that started in. The successful CBMM programs maintained more than 2000 sq. [5] Mangrove products are the main source of income for coastal communities who are generally financially backward and marginal ones. Among the 49 Ramsar Convention sites in China, some focus specifically on protecting mangroves, such as the … By working with forest communities, research academics, forest and environment departments, policy makers, and international funding bodies, we encourage the preservation and conservation of existing mangroves. The MERA program works in stages, which include the development of area management master plan; detail design engineering for infrastructure development that complies with conservation principles; ecosystem restoration plan; infrastructure development preparation; and development of environment education modules. ... mapping application, or "app." [3] Hence, indiscriminate farming and intense logging destroyed this valuable ecosystem. The dual aim of CBMM is the ongoing conservation of mangroves and generation of sustainable livelihood.

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